Spring Cleaning and Getting Your Property Ready for Sale in 2014


Spring Cleaning and Getting Your Property Ready for Sale in 2014

Spring is around the corner, and  that means-it's spring cleaning time. However, for residents in areas with hot markets like Greater Toronto Area who are planning to sell their house in 2014, this annual event suddenly has some new requirements. A good deep cleaning and closet purge is no longer enough. Most homes are sold during the spring and Summer so the competition will be fierce. You and your home need to be ready. Make sure you tick these items off your spring cleaning list so that your house is in prime shape to catch the attention of those Buyers !

1. Start Outside and work your way In.

Curb appeal is a very real thing. A lot of potential buyers will do "drive by's" and if they don't like what they see from the curb, they might never make it inside to find out that the walk-in closet or eat-in kitchen is exactly what they want. Keep things clean, green and well-maintained. It's the eve of gardening season, and planting some colorful annuals makes a great first impression. Your go-to tools to make this happen? A Realtor working in collaboration with a landscaper!

2. Let's get impersonal

This can be a tough spring cleaning move for many sellers, especially if you've lived in the house for many years. However, as many personal items as possible need to be stored or pre-packed. Buyers want to envision themselves living in the home, not see endless reminders that it's someone else's house (right now). Put away the photos, or anything you don't absolutely need. Think "model home" material. Your must-have tools for this task include storage boxes and a third-party friend or pro who can help keep your nostalgia in check. 

3. Declutter 

In addition to depersonalizing your space you need to think of decluttering and becoming somewhat of a minimalist. For every box of stuff you get rid of consider that money in your pocket. If a space is overwhelming with clutter than it screams to the Potential Buyer that the space is NOT BIG ENOUGH!

4. Freshen up with a paint job

One of the easiest, fastest and most affordable ways to make a huge difference is with a fresh coat of paint inside, outside or both. If you're up for the task, painting the walls yourself might be doable on the inside. However, this is a task best left to professionals. A new paint job is especially important if the paint is faded, chipped or a non-neutral color. Go for a classic eggshell so that buyers see a fresh canvas. Necessary tools are either everything you need to DIY or a recommendation for a professional painter (Realtors have excellent connections).

5. First Impressions in your Front Foyer

Technically this is part of curb appeal, but the entryway of a house can make or break a sale. You want it to seem both welcoming and secure. A new front door along with a neutral touch, such as greenery flanking either side, draws buyers to your house. Take a good look at your current entryway. Could it use an improvement? Get some modern door handles and maybe a new door. 

6.Work on Buyer's Senses

Remember Real Estate is an emotional purchase . Work on their senses of sight and smell and hearing. Visually leave fresh cut flowers and soft music playing in the background. Even if there is snow blanketing the grass outside bring a pop of fresh spring flowers inside the house as a reminder that spring is here and so are new beginings.

7. A Realtor and her team

Maybe getting a real estate agent on board isn't really part of "spring cleaning," but this professional can make all of those cleaning tasks so much easier. If you're on the fence about whether you should try a for-sale-by-owner approach or count on a pro, take a moment and consider if this is really a task you're up for. You don't have access to the same buyer base, you're probably not fluent in all the laws, and do you really want to spend every spare moment negotiating with buyers? A relationship with a savvy Realtor can make selling your home faster, easier and will get you a better price. 

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